Meet the Elves

These are the people behind the scenes dedicating their time and energy for the greater good of our local children having an enjoyable Christmas!


Frank Munoff


Frank Munoff; Cofounder started Operation Santa Claus in 1974 helping thousands of youths and their families over the years with holiday gifts.

As a teacher at Hudson Falls school district, he raised several hundred dollars its first year. Since then, through community fundraising, has grown to the point where it provides Christmas gifts for more than 2,500 children in 30 local school districts. The program was co-founded by Gerald Eichin, a school counselor who worked with Munoff.

Frank’s passion for assisting families during such a joyous time of year is infectious among anyone who is around him.


Todd Monahan

Vice President

Todd Monahan “officially” joins team team in 2015. Todd began dedicating his time to Operation Santa Claus in 4th grade when Frank Munoff used to pick him and his brother up at 7am to assist with the Operation Santa Run. Todd is well known in the local community through his counseling job and hot air balloon business.


Santa Elves

  • Cheryl Hogan – Secretary
  • Valerie Raven – Treasurer
  • Rose Bates – Assistant Treasurer
  • Lynn Meneely
  • Corinne Peceu
  • Jack Meneely
  • Peter Peceu
  • Carol Moyer
  • Carol Downs
  • Debbie Caruso
  • Chuck Bates
  • Bill Hogan
  • Hal Raven
  • Luke Callahan


Want to Volunteer? Please email us as we meet every Tuesday evening in Hudson Falls.

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